7-0 Thrashing Of Man Utd ~ Collectors Night Lamp!
7-0 Thrashing Of Man Utd ~ Collectors Night Lamp!

7-0 Thrashing Of Man Utd ~ Collectors Night Lamp!

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Celebrate the Annihilation & Humiliation of Manchester United by Liverpool FC!

Liverpool FC made history with a seven-goal rout of Manchester United on Sunday 5 March at Anfield.

The 7-0 Scoreline is the biggest beating in the history of this famous fixture; equalling the heaviest defeat inflicted on United

Liverpool scored six goals in a truly remarkable 45 minutes in front of the Kop.

Today we pay homage to this Incredible Scoreline with this  Limited Edition Night Lamp  

Available in 2 sizes

How It Works

A flat piece of acrylic (a very hard plastic) is laser printed and precision-cut to a pattern that "appears" to be 3D when light shines through it. The light source comes from coloured LEDs that shine through the plastic and highlights the pattern to create a cool illusion

What's in The Box?

A Great Addition to Any Room

7-0 Thrashing Of Man Utd ~ Collectors Night Lamp! is suitable for all ages and looks great in any room such as the bedroom lounge, study, desk at work, man cave, woman cave, restaurant, dining table, bar, clubhouse, home pub, etc. 

Change the reflected colour with a quick finger tap of the ON/OFF power button or use the remote controller to choose between 7 different colour LED's and several cool light effects sequences such as fade and strobe.

(There's an LED colour for every goal scored!)

Press the button and hold the power button for 3 - 5 seconds to switch the unit ON or OFF.

Key Features

7-0 Thrashing Of Man Utd ~ Collectors Night Lamp Specs

  • Laser-printed acrylic sheet, that sits on a base and reflects a 3D illusion that resembles the Champions League trophy
  • 7 Colours to switch or cycle (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Cyan/Purple/White)
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries or any USB power source (computer/phone charger/power bank) the USB cable provided  
  • Either touch-operated or remote-controlled (optional)
  • Adjustable brightness  
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid Base with rubber feet
  • Suits any mood and any room


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