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Q1. How Do I Keep My Champions Wall Updated?

Every Champions Wall DeskTop Replica set comes with a set of 7 Easy Swop Number dominos (2,4,5,7,9,10, and 20) to cover Liverpool's next major trophy wins.

Optionally, the Champions Wall Replica also now comes with a 175 Update Number Tiles set. That's enough for 25 Updates for any Major Trophy Win! Click here for the details 

Q2: What are Customers Saying?

Q3. What are the Flag Dimensions?

The Flags measure 5ft (150cm) x 3ft (90cm) !

Q4. What Are The Sizes of the Lamps?


Q5. What's Inside The Box?

 Inside the box you will find…

  1. The Printed Plate of your chosen design
  2. The Base Unit…
  3. Remote Control Unit…
  4. Micro USB cable
  5. Instruction leaflet…

Q6. How Do I Set Up The 3D Night Lamp?

  1. Remove the brown protective film which protects the printed plate. 
  2. Push the plate down into the base as much as it will go. 
  3. Insert 3AA batteries or plug into any USB source.
  4. If using batteries, start with brand new batteries.
  5. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds to switch On or OFF

Q7. How Does The 3D Night Lamp Work?

A flat piece of acrylic (a very hard plastic) is laser printed and precision-cut to a pattern that "appears" to be 3D when light shines through it. The light source comes from coloured LEDs that shine through the plastic and highlights the pattern to create a cool illusion.

Though the Night Lamp is a 3D illusion lamp and not an actual 3D shape, it still looks super cool when lit!  It is NOT a holographic either.

The lamp does not emit heat and is safe to use. 

Q8. How Long Does Delivery Take?

Most of our Products are posted from our UK depot via Royal Mail First Class Service, meaning they will reach you within a couple of days. 

Once your item has been dispatched, please lookout for a shipping confirmation email that contains details of when to expect your delivery.

For products from our factory in China, such as the 3D Night Lamps, please refer to the chart and notes below:

For the products manufactured and dispatched from China and have worked out a Guaranteed 7-10-day delivery window with our trusted supplier to the UK and 10 - 15 days for all other destinations.

Full tracking is available for every shipment and of course...shipping is 100% FREE

Q9. Why Is My Remote Not Working?

  1. First remove the little plastic film at the base of the remote that protects the battery from activation during transit.
  2. The remote is very directional, so aim it at the 3 little dots on the base.
  3. Be as close to the base as possible to the base.

Q10. How Do I Clean the Lamp?

You should take care not to let dust or scratches gather on the acrylic plate as this impacts the quality of the illusion. Periodically, simply "breathe" onto the plastic surface and wipe with a soft dry cloth...much like you do when cleaning spectacles. 


Q11. How Do I Track My Order?

1. Once your order has been placed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email immediately. If you did not receive it…please check your spam or junk email folder or send us a message 

2. After a day or 2 of processing and packing your order, you will receive a second email, the shipping notification email which includes your tracking number.

3. To Track Your Package, simply copy just the tracking number from this email

4. Click This Link to head over to track.4px.com and paste the tracking number into the tracking box.

5. Click the Query button to retrieve your tracking results


 How to Track Your Package Video:



Q12. What Are Some Common Issues Other Customers Have Encountered ?

Setting up and using your lamp is super easy:


Please watch this video 


Q13. What was the Inspiration behind the 3D illusion lamp?

For Liverpool fans everywhere, the 2018/19 season will go down as the most exciting and exhilarating season ever. We wanted a cool way to commemorate this historic achievement of winning our 6th European Champions cup. We knew that a T-shirt wasn't going to cut it and wanted something as epic and as special as the occasion on that warm June night in Madrid.  And so the 3D illusion lamp was born. We felt the geometrically accurate illusion of "Ol Big Ears" is the symbolic way to mark this historic achievement.

Q14. Is it really a 3D Trophy?

No. This is a 3D illusion lamp and is NOT a holographic either. A flat piece of acrylic (a very hard plastic) is laser printed with a pattern that "appears" to be 3D when light shines through it. The light source comes from coloured LEDs that shine through the plastic and highlights the pattern to create a cool illusion.

Q15. Does the Lamp Emit Heat?

No. The lamp uses LED lights that do not generate heat and only require 5V of power to work. 

Q16. What About Returns?

Please check out our refund policy

Q15. Want To Contact Us

No Problem. Send Us an Email by Clicking this Link 

Q17. Why Should We Trust You? 

Here are some of the reasons why Liverpool Fans worldwide have trusted us to deliver their LFC Mementos.  


We place maximum emphasis and effort into our Total Quality Control practices to ensure our customers receive high quality products consistently. Our ISO 9000 certified factory staff are well trained to identify and eliminate any defects that occur during manufacturing. We then inspect each and every assembled unit before securely packaging and dispatching it to you.


We pride ourselves in delivering The Best Customer Experience, from the moment you land on our website, all the way through ordering and post order processes. Contacting us is really easy through our  Contact Page or Facebook Messenger and we boast probably the fastest response time on the internet! Moreover, we follow through every single issue until full resolution and customer satisfaction has been achieved. 


We offer Free International Shipping on every single product and package, meaning the price you see advertised, is the final price you pay including delivery. No Hidden costs and No surprises ! 

17.4  Fast Delivery

We ship directly out of China and have a 7-10 Day Delivery period to the UK, 10-15 Days to the rest of the world . This is by far, the fastest free shipping out of China to the UK and rest of the world. 

17.5  Easy Returns Policy

We operate a very easy to understand Returns Policy published on our website. The good thing is you only return your items to a UK address and not back to China